GLEE: "the battle's almost won (and we're only several miles from the sun)" by texaswatermelon 

She’d never really understood why all of the guys were constantly losing their shit over Quinn in high school, but she gets it now.

Summary: In which Santana and Quinn can’t quite bear to be a one time thing, and they help each other realize their potential.


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SHERLOCK: "The Least of All Possible Mistakes" by rageprufrock 

If ever a people deserved tasering, it’s Holmeses.

Summary: In which Gregory Lestrade is Georgiana Lestrade, and she’s amazing, and so are the Holmeses, when they’re not occupied with being terrible.

Review: Yes, yes, yes, seriously, yes. I was screaming with laughter and blushing with pleasure and completely won over and utterly, utterly wrecked, 100%, a thousand times over, yes.

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HARRY POTTER: "A Young Radical's Guide to Love" by blamebrampton 

Memories of the war are still fresh, which is all the excuse Decent People need to do appalling things. In this quietly waged conflict, Draco Malfoy is happy to be on the right side of things for once, and even happier to find he’s not alone.

Summary: In which there’s abuse of power once again taking hold in the Ministry of Magic, and Harry and Draco find themselves unexpectedly on the same side of the threat.

Review: A delightful political intrigue with a huge cast of lovely characters all coming together in the name of systematic change for the better. The fact that this change comes about partly through a sham campaign for Harry Potter as Minister of Magic only really explains why I started that sentence by calling the fic delightful. I lost count of the number of times I had to sit back and grin for a bit. It’s just a cracking good story.

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STAR TREK: "Our Life Is Not a Movie or Maybe" and the Hollywood 'verse by clio_jlh 

From Variety, June 2008:
Pavel Chekov (“Charlie X”) and Gaila (“Bread and Circuses”) have joined the cast of small budget drama “That Which Survives,” funded by Fleet’s indie arm Academy and supervised by Nyota Uhura.
The debut feature from longtime script doctor Leonard McCoy, former show runner on sitcom “Three to Tango,” centers on a college student coping with his father’s terminal cancer. Chekov plays the son, Gaila the nurse. The father is yet to be cast.
Also attached are director James T. Kirk and producer Spock, the team behind the blockbuster spy-girl franchise starring Carol Marcus, the latest of which, “A Taste of Armageddon,” opened last month.
(A modern-day Hollywood AU.)

Summary: In which director Kirk decides he is the man to make script-doctor McCoy’s long-shelved, disconcertingly autobiographical indie tear-jerker, and somewhere in the course of making that movie a reality about 8000 things happen and also they fall in love.

Review: At times a truly hilarious, truly insightful commentary on Hollywood culture, at others a deeply interesting and deeply amazing take on the canon, this fic altogether adds up to something  that is both aggressively intersectional in its politics and full to the brim with love. Also, there are supporting characters/relationships that are TO DIE FOR: Spock and Kirk’s lifelong friendship/working relationship, everything about McCoy and Joanna together (especially the private screening omg tears on my face), Nero moonlighting as JAMES CAMERON, Uhura as a capital-L Lady, everything about her and Spock, everything about Gaila and Scotty… Basically, every single person who gets lines in this fic, I guess. It’s just transcendentally good.

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MERLIN: "The Lonely King" by cori lannam 

The Prince of Wales at his school. Merlin was sure it was all just a very bad joke. A modern royalty AU.

Summary: In which Prince Arthur has architectural aspirations, and Merlin’s primary school ends up being the first to take on his new super-eco-friendly design.

Review: Screaming into the night about how lovely this was! I wish that was figurative praise, but alas. I did manage to contain it to a silent scream into my hands, though. No one’s beauty rest was harmed by my reading of this wonderful fic.

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TEEN WOLF: "Come Fly With Me (Or Don't)" by stilinskisparkles 

Stiles is overworked and stressed out when his flight home gets delayed due to copious amounts of snow. He finds entertainment with one Derek Hale, whom he hasn’t seen since high school but really doesn’t mind getting reacquainted with.

Especially when it turns out Derek is surprisingly hilarious and will reluctantly play snap with him. And can walk on his hands.

Review: This was so fun! Very much a romp through various romcom tropes, it begins with silliness, escalates to sexiness, and finishes with home and heart, all while maintaining a tone of charming ridiculousness. I do love when fics own their own indulgences, and this fic does that in skillful spades.

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LES MISERABLES: "Trying To Leave The Ground" by barricadeur 

It’s funny, Grantaire thinks, what you can learn about a person through semi-regular sex. (Or, a relationship in flux.)

Review: Well, this hit some really breathtaking notes and was just, in general, painfully well done. I saw the ‘subjolras’ tag on this fic and thought “this is a thing???,” but finished the fic thinking “this is a thing!!!” It totally convinced me, almost before I realized I was being convinced.

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GLEE: "Happy Ending" series by firefly_ca 

MAJOR trigger warnings in this one, folks. TW: child kidnapping, child abuse, child predation, rape, and some other terrible stuff that the author has helpfully outlined here. I feel really strongly about this rec, though, so if you’re up for it, please consider reading on.

AU series about long-term child abduction and the media frenzy that usually follows after the child has been found. Glee fic, mainly because that was the fandom I had written in when I decided to write the story. Klaine pairing, but major focus on Blaine, in that it’s not about the relationship as much as it’s about Blaine and how he puts himself back together (with his relationship with Kurt working as an element of that process).

Summary: In which Blaine was kidnapped when he was seven and has spent nine years moving around in the captivity of the child predator who took him, until they move to Lima and Blaine starts to see what a life outside of what he’s been living might look like. // In which we see Blaine adjusting to life after he’s returned to his family, groping for and getting the real and true and ultimately fulfilling life he’s always deserved.

Review: I put off reading this for a long time because I thought it might be exploitative and/or too dark for me to handle, but actually it was wholeheartedly neither of those things. It deals with kidnapping and rape and the trauma of what Blaine has gone/is going through in a way that is unflinching, but also deeply humane. And it is never, never dark for darkness’ sake. It is, in every single way, a story of terrible endurance yielding to courage and compassion, to love and hope.

And as much as the first fic in this series is excellent, the sequel is the fic that NEEDS to be read. It’s is where the true story lies: the often overlooked aftermath, the insufferable media frenzy, the movement toward a real, whole life. It’s profoundly well done, and a big part of that is Blaine’s support system, which is full of real, whole, excellent people. In crafting Blaine’s family, the author weaved Darren’s heritage into Blaine’s with seamless grace. Within and outside of that, all of the women in this fic are breathtakingly well-written—allowed to be awkward and mean and strong and loving, to be imperfect, but still wonderfully interested and interesting. I was honestly shocked to see it, but in the best way possible. And this is all in addition to the same things that were great about the first story: the endurance and compassion and love and hope that makes every story, even and especially those that are hardest to tell, profoundly worthwhile.

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HARRY POTTER: "Cartographer's Craft" by copperbadge 

In the summer after Harry’s sixth year, Harry and Remus uncover a section of the Marauder’s Map which has been hidden for the past twenty years, releasing a carbon copy of sixteen-year-old Sirius Black from its depths. As they prepare for the impending war, Sirius must find a place for himself in this new world, Harry must find a way to destroy Voldemort, and Remus must face his own past while trying to build a tenuous future with Tonks. Written post-HBP.

Review: Intricate plotting, wryly clever dialogue, and a real tenderness toward this magical world and the characters in it make this one of those stories that sounds hilariously terrible in theory, but is really convincing and engrossing and heart-wrenching in practice. I reread this earlier in the year and it was my first reread since the 00s, so I’m actually really pleased to have found that it holds up so well.

Other notes: There’s a prequel Come Write Me Down by Metallumai, that covers some of original Sirius’ life during the war as it’s implied in Cartographer’s Craft.

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SHERLOCK: "The Heart On Your Sleeve" by flawedamythyst 

Sherlock stared at the imperfect circle on his left wrist in horror, then sat down on his bed with a bit of a thump. After over thirty years, his heartmark was finally showing activity. This was not good.

Summary: In which people are born with a mark on their wrist that corresponds to what their heart is feeling (filling in and getting darker as one falls in love, scarring over when hurt), and Sherlock used to pride himself on how unblemished his was, until John.

Review: What a gorgeous little gem of a fic to fill out such a cool concept.

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